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The fine difference, 

because it's the inner values that count for us...

Legendary movements from the long-gone heyday of the watchmaker's art are ticking in our watches, produced in small series.

Rarities that have not been produced for decades. A piece of time history, irreplaceable, unique. 

Some series with hand-engraved movements or balance cocks, each watch unique. Plates and bridge parts beaded, handcrafted watchmaking art at its finest. 

For each movement we develop an individual case and dial with hands, in a design typical of the time, in order to also create a low filigree construction height of the case, which will hug your wrist aesthetically. No clumsy oversized standard cases of today. We need about one and a half years to develop and manufacture a watch series.  

With the coming of the quartz wave in the 80s, this meant the end for many watch manufactures. At the beginning of the 90s, I bought up the entire movement stock of the company ARLY since1947, which had been left behind. Finally, I was able to acquire the rights to the name.

Today we continue where ARLY since1947 left off. We develop watches with the stock of historical movements in the art of watchmaking, adapted to today's time, we build them into waterproof cases with visible backs. In doing so, customer wishes can be fulfilled when refining the historical movements.

We are a small team with great commitment. Maintenance of business premises and industrial buildings are unknown to us. We concentrate on the essentials.

Last but not least, you can purchase our watches directly from the manufactory without trade surcharges - at solid prices.

Let us inspire you too...

Robert Reuther


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