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BURGOS III - Venus 150 manual winding Breguet hairspring

BURGOS III - Venus 150 manual winding Breguet hairspring

VAT Included




A real rarity of the pilot's chronograph  with the legendary Venus 150 with  ratchet wheel in Steel case with round pushers and glass back.

Glass on top is a domed sapphire crystal.

The movement is an early version NOS and does not yet have an Incabloc.

The bridge parts have a fine cut and are rhodium-plated. 

The number of vibrations is 18,000 A/h 

The balance has a Breguet hairspring, which makes particularly good accuracy possible.

Finely matted silver dial with rose gold-colored numbers and matching  lance-shaped red gold-plated hands.  

As a bracelet, we have a hand-sewn brownish bracelet with the finest Italian cowhide.

It canmaximum 10 pcs.  with Breguet hairspring to be built in the next few months. Stock items, so after more than half a century there are the finest traces of storage on the movements. 

Delivery of spare parts for this caliber for future maintenance or repairs is not a problem for us. Collector's heart, what more could you want. 


  • product info

    VENUS 150


    Manual winding chronograph, 60s, 30min, column wheel

    small second

    Base board with smooth

    the extended versions are often signed like the basic work


    Manual winding chronograph, 60s, 30/45 min, column wheel

    small second


    13''', diameter= 29.0mm

    H= 5.7mm

    17 stones

    f = 18000 A/h


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