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Fine wristwatches with historical swiss and german movements

A piece of time history


Is there anything more sustainable than building a watch from history movements with partly existing parts in the old art of watchmaking? We asked ourselves this question before we launched the Swiss  Watch brand ARLY since1947 woke up from its slumber. More than ever, sustainability is an issue for many become what ours toocorresponds to the spirit of time.

ARLY since 1947

As a small independent, owner-managed watch manufactory, today also called a microbrand, ARLY since1947 makes collectors' hearts beat faster.

Only historical Swiss and German movements from renowned movement manufacturers are used, such as Adolf Schild AS with the famous AS 1130 manual winding, the so-called army calibre also hand-engraved, a Peseux 330 with Geneva stripes or also simply polished rhodium-plated, a Junghans SU6012, all as three-hand watches in new contemporary cases with modern technology and size. But also automatic watches, like the mother of all automatic movements the AS 2062/2072 by Adolph Schild are offered for diving watches, as well as pilot watches. As a speciality, single-hand watches with manual and automatic winding are soon developed.

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