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HOMAGE to the Camino de Santiago

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Camino Frances from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostella here is the credential

My first Camino de Santiago here at LEON, the last third to Santiago de Compostela still ahead of me.

A different kind of pilgrim shell ... seen on the CAMINO PORTUGUES

These watches are particularly close to my heart, and I've been thinking about them since

years on the road. This in the truest sense of the word. The Camino France inspired me to say thank you again and again for this way when I walked 3 times.

Cap Finisterre

This spring the time had finally come. At the destination of the Camino Portugues, which I walked for the second time, the first time through the inland and the second time along the coast.

In MUXIA I finally got this idea for the watch face, after seeing it at the wtach in Santiago cathedral. I drew it on the beach at the pilgrimage church of the Virgin Mary shrine, Virxe da Barca. In the end, there were two watches, a three-hand watch and a one-hand watch.

MUXIA - Sanctuary of the Virgin Mary, Virxe da Barca

MUXIA, my true end to each of my pilgrimage routes.

I came home full of joy and immediately sent the drafts to the dial manufacturer.

He was enthusiastic about the idea and so today I can finally get ours


FINISTERRE AS 2060 the classic three-hand watch

An Adolph Schild caliber AS 20260 is ticking in it again, this time with manual winding, so you can enjoy winding the watch every second morning after getting up.

The work should not be installed completely naked, it should be something very special . The pearling brings me inner peace and so I spent days at this wonderful machine,

to get closer to the goal of my dream.

Movement AS 2060

At the time, the Adolph Schild raw movement company was one of the leading Swiss movement manufacturers. Production times for this movement from 1969 to 1978 were exactly the time when the mass production of quartz watches began and 1000 watch companies had to gradually close. So did the movement manufacturer Adolph Schild in 1973, who was then part of the Ebauches SA group and then integrated into ETA.

FINISTERRE AS 2060 movement view limited to 100 pieces

The robust AS 2060 manual winding was also built as an automatic watch with and without date / day, which ticks in our PORTO I and II . It is a 11.5-line movement with a central seconds hand and has a power reserve of no less than 50 hours. So it is enough if you only wind up the FINISTERRE or SANTIAGO Kathedrale every other day. With a height of only 4mm, it is a very flat movement for the time.

The silver-colored dial with applied red-gold hour markers and the applied shell at the 6th is subtly complemented by the pilgrim's greeting BUEN CAMINO. This greeting is the most frequently heard saying on the pilgrimage, the so-called CAMINO.

FINISTERRE AS 2060 , the classic three-hand watch limited to 100 pieces

and here we introduce the

SANTIAGO Kathdrale AS 2060 as a one-hand watch

SANTIAGO Kathedrale AS 2060 the one-hand watch with old bronze-colored dial limited to 140 pieces.

SANTIAGO Kathedrale AS 2060 movement view.

The same movement, but rebuilt as a single-hand watch. Numbered consecutively from 001/140

A hand specially developed for this watch according to the specifications of ARLY since1947 shows itself in a delicate way on the simple dial.

The old bronze dial is a true masterpiece. The scaling is adapted to the one-pointer indication. One line every 10 minutes.

The case

A 316L stainless steel case with curved mineral glass at the top and bottom flat also allows you to watch the work at movement and inspect the finishing. Also individually numbered on the gear train bridge. The ratchet wheel is also signed with ARLY since1947.

You get the FINISTERRE with your favorite strap, a hand-sewn aniline-dyed deerskin, which is very soft and fits snugly on the wrist. The buckle is marked with ARLY since1947, or a little sportier with an oiled cowhide. Let us know your customer requirements.

SANTIAGO Kathedrale AS 2060 on the side with pulled down horns,

which allows fits snugly on the wrist.

on the left the three-hand watch FINISTERRRE, in the middle, the pilgrim's pass, on the right, the ONE-HAND WATCH SANTIAGO Kathedrale

Watch box root wood veneer coated with piano lacquer, certificate and guarantee card

These two watches are specially intended only for pilgrims who have already walked or are planning to walk one of the many caminos.

Incidentally, the names of our entire watch collection all come from the cities and towns along the Camino France and Camino Portugues. These two paths changed my life.

As for all watches, there are enough spare parts, i.e. fittings, so no need to worry about repairs.

That is why our motto applies here in particular

As much as possible, for as little money as possible.

Let yourself be inspired

Your Robert Reuther

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