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The flagship of our collection are our chronographs BURGOS I + II

Building a movement from individual parts - furnishings that have been stored for decades - is a mammoth task, because there were so many series and thus also differently manufactured parts. Finding and assembling them requires a lot of experience and skill and is like a puzzle.

We have taken on this task but have to admit that we also underestimated it.

Nevertheless, we have already finished a few pieces and we would like to present them bit by bit.

Our BURGOS I with the Venus 175 is produced purely from NOS = new old stock parts.

There are only a few of the 10 pieces left.

BURGOS I Venus 175 original dial with Dauphine hands old stock

The movement:

A 14 ligne hand winding chronograph movement with a diameter of 31mm and a height of 5.7mm with a 60's ratchet wheel is finely matted and rhodium plated. The power reserve is a remarkable 45 hours. The chronograph counter here is 30min.

BURGOS I mit dem Schaltradchronographenwerk Venus 175

The case:

Here a Plaque case 20 Micron already with round pushers, in the then size of 37.5mm. The screwed steel back was subsequently glazed so that the movement could be watched at work.

A very soft, tone-in-tone deer skin leather strap was chosen for the bracelet. Occasionally, however, there is also a Louisiana crocodile strap in dark brown, which is available for an additional charge.

Deer Leather Strap 20mm Buckle Red Gold Plated customised.

Louisiana crocodile strap in dark brown 20mm

BURGOS II Valjoux 23 maximum 20 pieces can be built

As early as the year 2000, an independent chronograph with the legendary

Valjoux 23 switching wheel was planned. Here, adapted to the time, a chronograph case stainless steel 316L in 40mm was developed.

A finely matted case is a must for a pilot's chronograph. Of course, it is also water resistant to 50 ATM and has round pushers, just as it was made in the past. A screwed glass back was also used. The lugs, as always with our cases, are pulled far down so that the watch can hug the wrist.

The curved sapphire crystal at the top was adapted to the flat appearance.

BURGOS II Valjoux 23 maximum 20 pieces can be built

BURGOS II Valjoux 23 front view

The movement:

The 13 ligne movement will be available in several versions.

One with 18.000 A/H and as 21.600 A/H, which is a later version. There are also some with 30 min. and 45 min. counters. The diameter of the movement is 30mm and has a height of only 5.82mm, as well as a power reserve of 48 hours.

The bridge parts are also different. There is a Geneva stripe in yellow and red gold plated finish, as well as plain fine matt rhodium plated.

Due to decades of storage, there are minimal signs of storage.

BURGOS II here the version with Geneva stripes yellow gold plated.

The dial.

Simple in its appearance, it should not be overloaded, so the numbers were adapted to our lettering and a tachometer was omitted. The colour chosen was old bronze to reflect the contemporary character.

The hands and numbers are Super Lumi to ensure readability even in the dark.

Case side BURGOS II Valjoux 23 here with round pushers.

The case:

Here a 40mm stainless steel case 316L . Above with curved sapphire crystal below with a screwed back to watch the chronograph movement at work.

BURGOS II Valjoux 23 case back view

Surely many know the leather top product from the welted shoes. The cordovan leather in the classic Bordeaux brown with a fine grey contrast stitching is very robust and first has to be worn in, then it loses its shine and becomes softer with every wear.

Cordovan leather strap with fine grey contrast stitching 20mm

Watch box root wood veneer covered with piano lacquer, certificate and guarantee certificate

We are a small team with great commitment. Maintenance of business premises and industrial buildings are alien to us. We concentrate on the essentials.

Spare parts, i.e. fittings, are available in abundance, as is the case for all watches, so there is no need to worry about possible repairs.

Let us inspire you

Robert Reuther

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